Hinge House, 2003

Claudia Busch, with David Boira, Arianne van Lewis, and I started this house with a desire to interlace the natural rhythms of the Miami Beach site to the daily rhythms of our clients’ lives.  The clients -- a family of four   with two daughters approaching their teens -- collect modern furniture and other design items, many of which question relationships between man and nature.  We decided to highlight this question in the design of the house by creating connections between a lush, tropical garden and the waters of Biscayne Bay.

The “hinge” became the central stair, which floats on the water.  Located at the primary entrance to the house, the stair rises and falls with the tide and enables the inhabitants to connect their activities to those of the natural world around them. 

Water is pulled onto the site below the hinge stair, as a hatchery and abuts the swimming pool.  The city street with the automobile is brought out to the water’s edge.

The project ended in schematic design.  It was awarded an AIA Miami Honorable Mention in 2004. 

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